What procedure should be followed for registration in single courses?



The applications for the attendance at the individual courses to be taken at the degree courses will expire on 31 October 2021, with the amounts established in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Directors no. 63173 of 6 December 2013.


To enroll in individual courses it is necessary to register ONLINE through the web portal of the secretary: https://unime.esse3.cineca.it and complete the procedure described here:


  • Signing in;
  • Access the secretarial services by entering the user name (your fiscal code) and the password released during registration.


For every course a number of credits are established to be recognized to the students at the end of the course and to passing the exam. Who intends to participate will have to pay a fee related to the number of CFU required, according to the following table:


package from 1 to 12 CFU – € 300.00
package from 13 to 24 CFU – € 600.00
package from 25 to 30 CFU – € 900.00


If students opt for the 25 to 30 CFU package but need additional credits, they must pay € 40.00 for each additional credit (ECTS).




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