To register with the Albo delle Imprese, Lavori, what do you have to do?


The application must be submitted (hand delivery to the Protocollo Generale d’Ateneo, Piazza S. Pugliatti, 1 or via pec to the address in accordance with the forms available on the University of Messina website: in the “Gare e Appalti” section.
In the search form, in the “Oggetto” field, type “elenco imprese” and “Applica” button. At this point, under the heading Avviso Revisione Elenco Imprese Categoria Lavori, it will be possible to find, in the “Allegati” section, the forms and the list of the companies already registered, which is updated every four months. The deadlines for submitting the application for registration are always open.

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