To register with the Albo delle Imprese, Lavori, what do you have to do?

The application must be submitted (hand delivery to the Protocollo Generale d’Ateneo, Piazza S. Pugliatti, 1 or via pec to the address in accordance with the forms available on the University of Messina website: in the “Gare e Appalti” section.
In the search form, in the “Oggetto” field, type “elenco imprese” and “Applica” button. At this point, under the heading Avviso Revisione Elenco Imprese Categoria Lavori, it will be possible to find, in the “Allegati” section, the forms and the list of the companies already registered, which is updated every four months. The deadlines for submitting the application for registration are always open.

Where the tender documents are published?

The website is:
Scrolling down, in the gray band click on “Gare e Appalti”.
If you know the IGC of the procedure:
click on “selezione elenco per CIG” and enter the code CIG in the space provided and then “Applica” button.
If you do not know the CIG:
in the search form, in the “Oggetto” field, type in a word “key” (that is, more indicative and relevant / alleging) and then “Applica” key.
At this point in both cases the complete name of the tender procedure will appear, click on to find the various sections: Avvisi, Allegati, Faq, Dettaglio Gara, Commissioni.
In each section are present the data necessary for:
– participation in the procedure (administrative documentation and technical documents),
– knowledge of the responses of the contracting authority to requests for clarification from economic operators,
– the use of forms that facilitates the operator and minimizes any type of error in filling out the tender application;
– the knowledge of the curricula of the members of the Judging Commissions, chosen from among the subjects with compatibility and morality requirements, as well as proven competence and professionalism in the specific sector to which the contract refers;
– the update on the status of the works of the tender commission,
– information concerning admissions and exclusions made by the Commission, the tender outcomes and any other provision of which the law provides for publication.

Informations for the exercise of civic access

The requests for civic access, addressed to the General Manager, can be sent by post, delivered by hand at the General Protocol or sent by e-mail and certified e-mail.
The holder of the substitutive power, in case of non-response, is the Rector of the University.

The request can be sent by:

– Ordinary post office: Università degli Studi di Messina, Piazza Pugliatti, 1, 98122 Messina

– Certified e-mail:

– Hand delivery at the Protocollo Generale, Piazza Pugliatti 1, Messina

Hand delivery documents and office time

Opening hours of acceptance of documents of the Protocollo Generale d’Ateneo:

Tuesday and Thursday, from 9.00am to 12.30pm and from 3:00pm to 4:30pm,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9.00am to 12.30pm.

at the U.Op. Protocollo Generale, Gestione Documentale (Piazza Pugliatti 1 – ground floor).